Logistics and transportation IT services

We help modernize the IT infrastructure of logistics and transportation companies.

Unlocking digital transformation of logistics and transportation enterprises

Even with the sudden upsurge in online goods and services, the transportation and logistics industry has some of the depleting margins amongst all verticals globally. More so, the expanding global trade solutions and complex supply chains demand a consolidated logistics and transportation IT infrastructure that offers better transparency, visibility, security, vendor management, integration, data management, and support. Enterprises looking for transportation and logistics managed IT services partner with The IT Gigs for technology advancement on a tight budget. Time and again, we help organizations counter challenges around inventory management, data security, and changing regulatory requirements while achieving greater scalability and reliability. At The IT Gigs, we stay at the forefront of digital transformation solutions to embark deep innovation, modernize your systems, and implement leading-edge technologies. Partner with us for tailor-made logistics and transportation IT solutions and unlock the power of digital engineering for your business.

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The logistics and transportation segments we serve

The IT Gigs is rightly positioned to assist you with full-scale IT services for transportation and logistics with an unwavering focus towards consulting, implementation, support, evolution, and data migration of your systems. Our logistics and transportation solutions streamline and reduce the cost of logistics operations, improve online experiences, boost scalability, and enhance asset efficiency. With our dedicated IT teams, we help you embrace leading technologies, ongoing trends, and evolving customer demands to boost profit margins and simplify supply chain solutions. At The IT Gigs, we serve the following logistics and transportation verticals.

Logistics Carriers

Empower your trucking, rail, sea, and air freights with digital capabilities to streamline operations, enhance visibility into supply chains, digitize and automate processes, increase vehicle uptime, including last-mile delivery of products.

Logistics Service Providers (LSPs)

We assist freight forwarders, third-party and fourth-party logistics service providers in optimizing their delivery routes, reducing the costs of logistics operations, simplifying supply chain processes, meeting customer expectations, and setting new benchmarks for deliveries.

Courier Express Parcel Companies

Offer real-time tracking and visibility into delivery processes to boost user experiences while streamlining fleet routes, overheads, and operational costs with our IT solutions in logistics and transportation for B2B and B2C segments.

Logistics Marketplaces

Our logistics and transport IT solutions also assist logistics digital platforms that enable a direct interaction between multiple L&T service providers and buyers of such solutions. Our logistics marketplaces solutions cater to the unique needs of your business.

Logistics Enterprises

Whether you’re into logistics distribution and stocking services or develop products for the logistics and transport companies, our solutions help improve inventory management with leading AI technologies and ensure a seamless integration for superior maintenance solutions.

32% Reduction in logistics operational costs

500K+ Reduction in man hours on operations

23% Increase in overall L&T ROIs

50+ Global logistics & transportation clietele

Our IT logistics and transportation process

Our full-cycle logistics and transportation IT solutions cover you from initial consultation to consistent maintenance and support solutions while leveraging the competitive capabilities and partnerships that matches with your business objectives and vision. We’d love to support your business, add value, and provide custom end-to-end L&T IT solutions.

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